Cody Griffith

I am a front end web developer with 7 years of experience freelancing for small to medium businesses and at this point i'm looking to move to more of a development focused role. Recently, I have been working on a full-stack saas app called Contidly - a tool for tracking and automatically qualifying potential clients.

My Projects


A lightweight CRM built with Web Developers in mind - Contidly is a SaaS webapp that automates the work of choosing qualified leads and tracking interactions. Using the PageSpeed Insights API, users are able to perform bulk audits on client websites and filter the results using selected options to leveragee that data into better marketing decisions.


Pathlight is a public API for auditing web addresses with Google Lighthouse. Featuring a front end dashboard, you can initiate new audits and view past scans plus their full reports. Built using AWS Lambda and an SQS based queue, Pathlight is able to infinitely scale with user demand.